A Positive Emotional Climate: 3 Actions To Help You Perform As A Masterpiece Today

climateYou are created to perform as a masterpiece every day of your life. But then again you knew that already, you already have a sense of that from deep within you. You know there is potential waiting to be released. The question is how do you release that potential and perform as a masterpiece every day?

You must create a positive emotional climate that allows you to thrive and perform at peak level. This is especially true if you are a leader. Consider the climate you are creating not only for yourself but for those who work under your leadership.  If you are creating or living in a climate that is full of stress and fear, even depression, you need to take drastic steps and measures to create a positive emotional climate for you to be able to live as the masterpiece God created you to be. In my book Life Palette I talk about how important a positive attitude is and how to go about making sure that it is a part of your Life Palette.

  • Look Within For A Positive Emotional Climate

Creating a positive emotional climate begins by looking within. The way others view you (positive or negative) is a reflection of how you view you that is the emotional climate you have toward yourself. If you read this and think that you aren’t sure, then more than likely you have a negative emotional climate within you. A positive emotional climate requires intentionality and purpose. Without intentionally setting your emotional climate to be positive you are coasting, and as you know you can only coast downhill.

  • Look Without For A Positive Emotional Climate

Your connections and interactions with others will help you to get clear picture of the emotional climate you are creating around you. Do others feel energized when they are around you? Or does the room seem to clam up when you enter? Be honest about this, you may want to ask some people in your life (those who are willing to be brutally and lovingly honest with you) about whether they perceive you to be a person who creates a positive emotional climate or not. As a leader this will especially affect productivity within your team that you lead. A positive emotional climate leads to productivity and results, a negative emotional climate results in stress and non-productivity. You are not only looking for productivity in your life and in those you lead, but productivity within healthy relationships. Healthy relationships are imperative on your Life Palette regardless of the arena: home life, work life, community…

  • Look Forward For A Positive Emotional Climate

A positive emotional climate is the basis of you performing as a masterpiece every day of your life, reaching and fulfilling your God-given potential. In order to maintain a positive emotional climate you must look forward toward your future with a clear picture of the positive outcomes that will result of the work and toil that you are doing today. As a leader you are responsible for this not only for yourself but for those you lead. Vision is that clear picture of the end result you are working toward – that finished masterpiece. Each of us is personally responsible for having and holding to a clear picture of the end result we are working toward for our life – living that God-given potential!

Next Steps:

Take action now to create a positive emotional climate to assure that you and those around you are performing as the masterpiece God has created. Take a few moments today and Look Within, Look Without and Look Forward: are you creating a positive emotional climate for yourself and others? Make a choice right now that you are going to do so from this moment forward.