Perspective Is To Painting As Attitude Is To Living


Perspective For Your Life

In painting perspective, if handled correctly, always points toward the horizon. An artist needs to choose his or her desired horizon early in the process of creating a masterpiece. Once the horizon is established, the use of perspective will cause a one dimensional canvas to have depth and feel as those it were three dimensional. With proper perspective you feel like you would be able to step into the landscape.

The best way to understand the power of perspective is railroad tracks. I stood in the middle of some railroad tracks just outside of Steamboat Springs, Colorado to take this picture to illustrate perspective. From this photo you can see the tracks disappear across the landscape, even though in reality they are parallel to one another, and appear to get closer to one another eventually converging together on the horizon. That is perspective.

Positive Attitude For Positive Perspective

Perspective is to painting as attitude is to living. In the same way that perspective points toward the chosen horizon in a painting, your attitude points toward the horizon of your life. Attitude points toward the future destiny that is before you. If an artist perspective is incorrect everyone will know it. The untrained person may not be able to verbalize what it is about the painting that makes it not all work together but they will know that it doesn’t work. The lines will lead the viewer’s eye away from the horizon which the artist has chosen.

God has set the horizon for your life. His design is perfect, every line pointing toward the chosen horizon. Yet often we are unknowingly working against all that He wants to do because we have placed an attitude on our Life Palette that points toward other horizons. If we are going to live life as the masterpiece, He created us to be, we are going to need to make sure that the attitude we are giving Him to work with, the attitude on our Life Palette, point toward His horizon for us.

Next Steps:

Take some time and do an attitude check, like a tune up is to a car engine, we all need an attitude check on a regular basis to make sure we are performing to our potential. Make sure that you have good perspective for your Life Palette. As I always tell my kids: “Winners never whine and whiners never win. Attitude is so important in life.”