The Path To Reaching Your Potential (If You Have The Guts)

Potential The path to reaching your potential is found in values-based living. Values based living will take your life to the next level, it will help you to pursue what matters most. If you are not clear about your values the tyranny of the urgent will dictate your life rather than the destiny and purpose God has for you as His masterpiece. Probability says that you will not accidentally fulfill your potential, you must be intentional, and that intentionality begins with values.

As an artist I am constantly thinking about values, because if the values are off in a painting the entire painting will be off. Everyone can see it, everyone can tell. You may not be a trained artist or able to put it into words, but if the values are wrong in a painting, you’ll know it and you won’t like the painting because of it.

The same is true with your Life when it comes to living out your full potential as the masterpiece God created you to be. In my book Life Palette I wrote extensively about values and how to make sure you have the right values on your Life Palette. When your values don’t line up with God’s values, as defined in Scripture, you end up working against Him as He paints on the canvas of your life. He’s working on a masterpiece, but if you are not clear about your values and are not living a values-based life you may be putting a lid on living out your full potential.

Right Choices

With clarity of values you will be able to make right choices and decisions in every circumstance. Values-based living gives you clarity when navigating a crises or transition as well as growth. It seems so simple. It is. However saying you value something does not make it so. Perhaps you like the idea of something, but to truly value something is to live it. When you value something and implement that value through values-based living, you will live with such clarity that the right choice will be crystal clear in most situations, because you know you can’t go against your values. Values based living makes it easy to know when to say no and when to say yes.

Leadership Requires Clear Values

This is not only important for me personally and reaching my potential, but as a leader it is imperative for the organization I lead to reach its potential. Leaders, if you are not clear about your organizations values then your people are not clear about them. If your people are not clear than your customers are not clear about them – your organization will seem to be “off” to them. They may not be able to express why they think and believe that, but lack of values based-living in your business or organization affects the big picture of fulfilling potential in the same way that it does you personally. Let’s face it, if the values of your business or organization are not clear than how can you even hire someone to work for you? How would you or they know if they line up with your values? You may say, “I simply need them to do a job, to get the work done.” Wrong, they are created as a masterpiece and as a leader one of my primary responsibilities is to make sure that people in my organization are in the right job based on their gifts, talents, passions, and personalities.

Helping Others Reach Their Potential

Values-based living cannot be all about me and my values, but ultimately how I interact with those around me every day. Why? Because the best way to reach my potential is to help others reach their potential.

If You Have The Guts

If you have the guts to get a dose of honest reality in your life today and take a step of growth toward your potential as God’s masterpiece, ask a few friends (honest friends) what they would say your values are. They can tell by simple observation. If you are a leader and are secure enough to want to be a better leader, ask your employees to tell you what the values of your business or organization are. (Without looking at a paper on the wall) If you really want to lead your organization or business to full potential, ask a few faithful customers what they perceive your values to be. In this case, the perception of the customer is probably right!