Our IDENTITY comes FROM Christ!

It’s bittersweet for me to be finishing up our New Identity series….it’s such an important topic for us to understand in our walk with CHRIST! If we really get this ONE truth our relationship with God and with others would be revolutionized! What is that ONE TRUTH?? OUR IDENTITY ONLY COMES FROM CHRIST!!! When we […]

Why do churches do weird things….

Sometimes as an outsider, before I became a follower of Jesus, I thought churches did weird things! Why do they all drink this little cup of juice and eat a tiny bite of cracker together? What’s with the singing all together, are they a school choir or something? Why do they dunk each other under […]

I Identify as…..

It’s a hot topic these days, defining yourself and your identity. There are many many things we can identify as and maybe, current culture, doesn’t really applaud me saying “I identify as a Christ follower” BUT believe you me, I DO! I haven’t ALWAYS though. I actually was a teenager when I publicly aligned myself […]