Western Art Original Oil Paintings by Jeff Love

Original Oil PaintingsWhen planning new original oil paintings

When planning new original oil paintings, I carefully consider the landscape and sky.  The Western United States  has some of he best sunsets and I think there is no better place to plan a new piece of art than up in the mountains overlooking a  still lake.

When getting ready to paint original oil paintings of a sunset in plein air, I make sure to check what time sunset is. I try to have my easel set up, paint on the palette, and ready to paint a few hours before that time. I always try to remember that by the time the sun sets, I have to be finished.  I paint in the compostion before the sunset and capture the brief and brillant light as the sun sets.

One of the reasons I love to paint origianl oil paintings of western sunsets is that I’m  capturing a very brief, amazing moment in time.  Sunsets are one of my favorite things to paint because of the brillant colors that fill the sky.  My wife and I often head out to the farm area or the nearby mountains of our home to watch sunsets in the evenings and take photos for reference material for more original oil paintings.

I painted this piece from  a culmination of several pictures from traveling this past summer in the Western mountain states. I painted many paintings in plein air while on the trip and I am using them in my studio along with photo references.

This large original oil painting on stretched canvas measures 24X48″, is entitled Slow and Still, and is currently on auction through eBay along with several other of my orignial oil paintings.   You can check it out by clicking the picture or by following the link below or just browse my eBay Store. I’m on the way to the studio to work on another beautiful sunset.  Warmest Regards, Jeff Love