New Series, Important Announcement, 5 Lives Changed

I’m really looking forward to this weekend! We begin our spiritual growth campaign; Livin What You Know. This will be a pivotal time for us here at Alive Church as we focus on three things:
1. Community: through authentic relationships with God and with others.
2. Opportunity: a time for each of us to take the next step in our spiritual growth.
3. Unity, the entire church focusing on the same thing for five weeks.
The leadership and staff have been prayerfully working hard over the last several months to see this come to fruition. We will live this out in several ways. The first part is our weekend services. During this series we are going to look at five familiar passages and talk about how to really live out what we know. Beginning this week with a message entitled “23” – The Radical Nature Of The Shepherd. The second part is through a daily blog reading to go along with each of the weekly teachings. Third, all of our groups will be sermon based during this five week session.
I want to encourage all of you to join a Grow Group for the next five weeks as we focus on Livin What You Know. It is easy to do and we have many new groups that will be launching for this campaign.
Please join me in prayer as we begin this series that God would help us reach our goals of Community, Opportunity and Unity in Him!
Also, this weekend I will be making a very important announcement that will affect our ministry in a positive way – bitter/sweet.
And last – most important – last week there were 5 new people who made commitments to follow Jesus! I love being a part of the mission and vision of Alive: “Leading People Who Are Far From God To Be Followers Of Jesus”.