All New Off The Easel

All New Just Off The Easel

All New Off The Easel

I just finished this All New painting called “Baboquivari Peak”  30×24 ” Oil On Canvas.  Baboquivari Peak is in the desert West of Tucson and stands quit majestic against the bright blue sky of the Sonoran Southwest.  This mountain is consider the most sacred place to the Tohono  O’odham people. In the native O’odham language the peak is called Was Kiwulik, which means “narrow about the middle”. Father Kino, a Jesuit missionary,  mentioned “Baboquivari Peak” in one of his journals. He made many expeditions into this region beginnning in 1699 to establish the Spanish Mission in this area.

My Inspiration

I was inspired top paint this painting several months ago on a trip to Mexico. We passed by “Baboquivari Peak” both going to Mexico and coming home to Tucson, and both times it grabbed my attention. The light reflecting off of the West side of the peak was especially appealing, and that is what ended up in the painting. I stopped and got reference photos and painted this in my studio from the photos. The peak is so beautiful that I made sure the composition took nothing away from it. With very little desert in the foreground this piece is all about the mountain, and truthfully, it doesn’t need any help when it comes to composition, it is one of God’s great works here in the desert.

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