Motivation Fuels Creativity, Productivity and Attractivity

MotivationYour motivation has as much to do with whether or not you fulfill your potential as the masterpiece God created you as more than anything else. Motivation is the “why” behind what we do. Therefore it is imperative for us to evaluate our motivations on a regular basis. Without a clear understanding of your motivation you will question getting out of bed when the alarm goes off in the early morning hours. Without a clear picture of what motivates you it is easy to get angry and bitter when you have to stay late at the office to finish some work while everyone else is headed out the door for the evening.

There is no secret button that you push to get motivated. For most people it’s not just something that is “built in” – that is to say perhaps “you either have it or you don’t.” Motivation is not something I can give you through a great talk or the perfectly written Life Palette blog. Motivation is something you must seek. It is a part of the discipline of living as a masterpiece – of fulfilling the potential that is yearning to be released from within you. You alone can tap into “motivation.”

How To Stay Motivated

I am often asked “how do you stay motivated”? Simple: I constantly seek to be motivated. Each of us have different motivators, you have to know and recognize your motivators. For some of you it will be the intrinsic challenge of your work, for others you will find recognition to be a motivator. Responsibility may be your motivator. For me, my motivator is personal growth, I am passionate about living life as the masterpiece God created me to be. Motivation is not as much about the external as what stimulates you on the inside. You must discover those motivators and continually seek them out.

To stay motivated you have to seek to be motivated. And I am motivated to seek to be motivated because I have experienced the benefits of being motivated.  Take a look at the benefits and let them inspire you to get motivated to stay motivated:

1. Motivation Fuels Creativity

I’m not talking here just as an artist or author. You are creative regardless of your chosen profession. Its part of your DNA, you are created in the image of the creator of the universe. His creativity within you is part of His master plan for you as His masterpiece. The world is waiting for you to be creative whether you are a scientist, mathematician, musician, teacher, pastor, stay at home mom, engineer…and the list goes on and on. We need you to fuel the creativity in your area of expertise to make our world a better place. Motivation will perpetually fuel the creativity that is locked within.

2. Motivation Fuels Productivity

Being a productive member of the human race gives you value and worth. When you are doing what you were created to do you live what Jesus said He came to give you: “a rich and satisfying life”. However, to be productive you must be motivated. Motivation fuels productivity. The more you seek to be motivated and the more you are able to remain motivated be it through reading, being with others who are motivated, challenged – the more productive you will be. Interesting to note; the more productive you are the more motivated you will remain.

3. Motivation Fuels Attractivity

People, assets, information, money, help all flow toward those who are motivated. Motivation fuels attractivity. No one wants to set sail on a ship that is sinking, but a ship that is headed of a journey of success attracts others, everyone wants to get on board. Motivation and vision work similar is this area; they help attract all the resources you need on your Life Palette to live as a masterpiece.

Check Your Motivation

Here are a few question to consider to see if you are living in motivation and enjoying the full benefits of it: Do I find what I do for work to be meaningful? (I love the saying, do what you love to do and you will never work a day in your life.) Am I growing through my work? Am I in a position to receive the recognition I deserve for what I am doing? Will I be given more responsibility as I continue in my work?  These are true motivators and the more you live in environments that allow you to thrive in them the more creative, productive and attractive you will be. And the more you will remain motivated the more you will live life as the masterpiece God created you to be. Get motivation on your Life Palette!!!