Mediocrity: Lick It Once and You’ll Suck Forever

mediocrityGod did not create you to be mediocre. He created you as a masterpiece, His masterpiece.  That is your design, but you have a choice, live a life of mediocrity or live life as the masterpiece you were created to be. Do not diminish your potential through mediocrity.

Lick It Once and You’ll Suck Forever 

The danger of mediocrity is that it can easily become a way of life, as the title of today’s blog suggest. It is easy to slip into mediocrity when facing fear, or trying to protect during a crises. Defensiveness often leads to being mediocre. We see it in sports all the time. A team has a great lead and they begin to protect it, only to begin playing mediocre and losing their lead.

Avoid Self-Preservation 

When you begin to safeguard your position, your turf, or your power, your desire to protect will take a priority over your desire to live your potential. Suddenly you will find yourself on the negative side of living and ultimately plunge into mediocrity. It is natural for all of us to want to protect what we have and what means the most to us, but don’t let these instincts become a detriment to your personal growth. Make a commitment to always make the most of every opportunity and you will avoid living in mediocrity.

Extend Your Influence

Instead of getting in the self-preservation mode, especially during crises, consider how you can extend your influence. Consider how you can reach out to others and add value to their lives. Consider how you can make a bigger impact.

In the old west, the pioneers would circle the wagons when under attack. It was a sure sign that they were on the defensive that they were losing, in self-preservation mode. Rather than circling the wagons, expand your territory.

Leaving A Legacy

Determine to live your potential to live the masterpiece life God created you to live. The greatest mistake you can make is allowing fear to dictate your life. Fear leaves you feeling insecure and leads to mediocrity. Press beyond fear when you face it with the passionate desire to leave the legacy you were meant to leave. What you have to offer this world is much more important than any material possession you might gain or lose.

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