Many Without Power

    This morning we awoke to the news of the aftermath of Sandy hitting the East coast and so many of our fellow Americans beginning to deal with the incredible devastation. One of the headlines that I have heard over and over this morning is the staggering amount of folks that are without power and the amount of time they can expect to be without power.
    First, let me say that we should all take a moment and pray for those who have experienced the wrath of Sandy and are currently and over the coming days and weeks going to be in the process of rebuilding their lives.
    Second, while this is what’s urgent for the many millions of folks directly affected, I can’t help but think of how the headlines of the day apply to so many people that are a part of our own community. People we work with, our neighbors, our friends and loved ones that woke up this morning without power…the power of life, the power of God living in them to empower them in every way to experience the life and power of living the rich and satisfying life that Jesus came to give us.
Keep praying.
In Christ, Jeff