Make The Most Of Today’s Detours

Make The Most Of Today’s DetoursLiving life as the masterpiece God created you to be requires flexibility. Have you ever been on a trip that you have carefully mapped out only to discover that there is a detour ahead? What did you do? Turn around and go home or take the detour, make the most of it and still enjoy the trip? My hope is that you didn’t go home but went on to take the alternative route to your destination and didn’t let it ruin your trip.

I love developing strategies to get to where I want to go, to reach my goals and live the life that I know God has created me to live as His masterpiece. As a leader I get the importance of doing this for the organization I lead. However, I can’t see the future. So while I prayerfully plan, I know God is the only one who knows the future. And when along the journey I am faced with a detour, while I am surprised, I know that He is not. God has never said of mine or your life detours; “wow, I didn’t see that one coming.” Quite the contrary, He is not surprised by the detours you will face today or any day of your life, but instead has gone before you and prepared the way and will use the detours (if you will allow Him to) as opportunities for growth toward masterpiece living.

Don’t Let Unexpected Opportunities To Derail You

I won’t spend time telling you that you need to look at detours as opportunities, they are and you should see them as such.  Don’t make the mistake of thinking that just because you didn’t anticipate the opportunities that will come your way today that you are off track. Seeing the detours you will face today as opportunities is often the difference between success and failure. Make the most of them. Get all the growth and possibilities out of the unexpected opportunities that come your way today. If you don’t, you may have to keep taking that detour until you learn the lesson that God wants to teach you.

While God does not cause everything in your life He will use everything in your life for your good if you will allow Him to. “And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them.” (Rom 8:28 NLT) God will take all the detours of your life and use them to help you live out your potential as His masterpiece as we give them all to Him and as we decide we are going to make the most of them rather than letting them derail us from our faith and our journey.

Next Steps:

What detour are you on right now and how are you looking at it – as an annoyance or as an unexpected opportunity that God will use to help you live life as the masterpiece He created you to be. Take a few moments and prayerfully ask God to help you grow the way He wants you to as you take this detour, ask Him to give you the strength and courage to continue in your faith and to continue on your journey.


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