How To Live In Personal Satisfaction

LiveLiving your life as the unique masterpiece God created you to be is the key to living a life of personal satisfaction. When you have discovered and are living the life you were created to live, you will be living what Jesus called “a rich and satisfying life”. (John 10:10 NLT) God has tailored a life that is a perfect fit for you in every way emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. It is a place of affirmation and joy and it is by God’s design.

The Questioning

You are not alone in asking the questions of your purpose and God’s plan. At some point we all go through the “what’s the purpose to life” stage. The answer is not a pat or trite answer. The answer is a journey, a discovery. You see, you are not the one giving definition and purpose to your life, you have been created with a purpose, your have to discover and live it. As you do you will soon find that it is the place of affirmation for your gifting, personality and passions. You will begin to live in a joy that you may have never experienced before. You will no longer underestimate your potential and you will begin to see that the contribution you make to this world and those around you is invaluable.

An Incredible Adventure

Discovering and committing to live your life purpose as the masterpiece God created you to be will not make your life perfect. You will still face the trials, temptations and pains of this world. As a human being, you will always be exposed to the imperfections of life on earth. Nevertheless, you will discover that regardless of your circumstances, you are on an incredible adventure! The adventure begins by embracing the fact that God has more for you. He has masterpiece living at the core of your design. It is the place of ultimate personal satisfaction.

Living to fulfill the expectations of anyone other than the one who created you is dangerous. It will lead to a life of dissatisfaction, disappointment and ultimately destruction. Converse to the incredible satisfaction God has in mind for you.

The Process

Your life as a masterpiece is discovered, not engineered. You only need to discover the plan and purpose God has for you. As stated earlier, He is not trying to keep it as a mystery or secret. He is working to reveal it as clearly as the sky is blue. The confusion for many is the voice of culture, as it lays out the path to happiness that “everyone” should take. Or perhaps the voice of someone from your past that was a person of influence in your life, a parent or a teacher who told you what you should do or become in this life and you may live with a deep fear of disappointing them.

Here is how you begin the discovery process:

1. Look at your gifts and talents.

You may have to look back several years to a time before you gave up on your gifts and talents. You are uniquely designed with a set of gifts and talents that point toward your purpose as God’s masterpiece.

2. Grow your gifts and talents.

This is your part, you must be diligent to put out the effort to develop and grow in your gifts and talents.

God, you loving heavenly Father, the one who created you, desires for you to live the life He created you to live as His masterpiece. It is a life of personal satisfaction.

P.S. You are never too young or too old.

Before the age of 12, Beethoven published his first work, “9 Variation in C minor for piano”.
Renowned American folk artist Grandma Moses didn’t begin painting seriously until she was 78 years old. She went on to paint over 1,500 paintings. One sold recently for $1.2 million.

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