Live Life To The Maximum

liveWe are either adding color to our life as the masterpiece God created us to be or simply reflecting the color of our environment like a chameleon: adding color is the path to live life to the maximum. This can best be illustrated by looking at the difference between a thermometer and a thermostat. A thermometer simply conforms to the environment, where as a thermostat controls and determines the environment. You live your life as either a creator of fact or a creature of circumstances. As God’s masterpiece you have the potential within you to be the creator of fact, to live life more like a thermostat. You must intentionally decide to blaze a new trail of adventure and be willing to leave the path of mediocrity to a life of maximum living.

Most of us fall into one of 3 categories:

  1. Those who make things happen.
  2. Those who watch things happen.
  3. Those who have no idea what happens. (Unfortunately this is where the mass majority of people live, but not you, otherwise you would not be reading Life Palette.)

Leave The Path Of Mediocrity

To leave the path of mediocrity and to blaze the trail to greatness, you must tap into the potential that God has placed within you. Potential is in every cell of your being – your talent, ability, passions, skill, personality, hopes and dreams. To live on the path of mediocrity is a waste of potential and a slap in the face of the one who made you.

My prayer for you is that you would no longer accept the common or settle for anything less than the best that God has for you. That you would no longer settle for living below the privilege of life lived as His masterpiece. Instead that you would accept the challenge to leave the path of mediocrity, begin to make things happen and become the creator of your life facts.

Blaze A New Trail Of Adventure

To do this you will need to blaze a new trail of adventure.  You must not compare your life to the lives of others, rather compare your life to the potential that you know is a part of who you are created to be. Here are a couple of things you can do today and one you will not want to do any longer, to begin blazing a new trail of adventure and living life to the maximum:

1. Make A Commitment To Be Your Best

The best you that you can possibly be is the unique masterpiece God has created you to be. While you may admire others and share their passions or have similar visions, a masterpiece is unique. Your design and composition are not found in any other human being, only you can live your life.

2. Make The Most Of Your Possibilities

Possibilities are based on your potential and to make the most of your possibilities you must began to understand that you are potential waiting to be released. To make the most of it you will have to prepare, develop, and grow.

3. Don’t Allow Your Gifts And Abilities To Stagnate

You may have many or you may have few, regardless, you are responsible for the gifts and abilities that God has given you. He has not given you more than you can develop and use and He has not given you less than you need to live as the masterpiece He created you to be.  “He gave…in proportion to their abilities.” (Matt 25)

Wherever God leads you or whatever the task He has given you as His masterpiece, know that He has placed within you the potential to fulfill it and attain it. And that is living life to the maximum. Step out in faith and begin to blaze the new trail of adventure to masterpiece living begin today to live life to the maximum.

Next Steps To Living Life To The Maximum:

  • Make a commitment to be your best right now. You may want to make it a prayer or share with someone that will encourage you.
  • Consider the possibilities that you are not making the most of, what can you do today to change directions?
  • Take a serious inventory of your gifts and abilities. Consider if you are growing in them or allowing them to stagnate. What is your plan for perpetual and continual growth with each gift and ability?