How To Live A High Impact Life

high impactToday I want to tap into how you begin to discover your potential to assure that you are living a High Impact Life. You already know that there is “more”, you sense it, it’s so real to you that at times you feel like you can reach out and touch it, but if you are not clear about it, if you cannot articulate it, you will not be able to take the journey.

Vision Leads To High Impact Living

If it sounds like a lot I’m talking about vision. At times it seems that vision is a word that is overused. Perhaps it is in that many people and organization are just working to get a vision statement down on paper so they can say they have a clear vision. Somewhere, someone told them it was the right thing to do to reach their potential. But vision cannot simply be a matter of having a well crafted statement – although I am all for that. In fact I’ve worked at having well crafted vision statements in all that I do. For instance as an artist my statement is “To paint in such a way that my paintings reflect the invisible qualities of God, His divine nature, and eternal power.” It is something I consciously think about and pray about as I begin each painting. When I’m struggling trying to finish a painting I go back to that vision and ask how this painting is fulfilling that vision or how it is failing and usually that’s when I’m able to see clearly how to proceed to a finished piece.

High Impact Living, Getting Started

If you don’t have a lifetime vision statement or have one that was written just to say you have one, then you are missing out on living your full potential – high impact living. It’s time to get clear on your life’s vision and move toward fulfilling your God-given potential as His masterpiece and living a high impact life.


A clear vision statement is not complicated; it begins with your passion. Vision is a clear picture of a desired destination. Your desired destination must include your passion. God has given you that passion. Who wants to get out of bed every morning and work toward a vision that you have no passion for? Not me!!! And I’ll bet you don’t either. However, when your vision for your life, your day, is fueled by a vision that was birthed from the innate passion God has placed within you, you will awaken to each new day with vigor and enthusiasm.

Today’s step is simple but it may not be easy. Take a few moments, or hours, let it peculate throughout the day, make it a prayerful time, then sit and write out as much as you can about your passions. Let it flow. Don’t try to get it into one paragraph or one sentence, just let the river of your passion flow freely onto paper or through your keyboard.

Here are some key elements to consider as you do this exercise:

  • What are your gifts and talents?
  • What are the experiences you have had – good – bad and ugly?
  • What is your personality?
  • What would be the perfect environment for you?
  • If money were not object what would you do with your life?

As I said before: let it flow. Get it all out. Like the water flowing over Niagara Falls – let it just flow out! You need to feel the emotional fire of your passion because that is what fuels vision. This is a first step toward having a clear road map to living a high impact life. Take this step and tomorrow on Life Palette we are going to look at step 2. You have it in you. You are a masterpiece created by God – it’s time to live it – it’s time to go to the next level.

I would love to connect with you through your questions or comments below. Why? Because my life vision is this: “To live life as the masterpiece God created me to be and in those around me plant the seed for the same.”