How To Leverage Circumstances For Your Benefit

How To Leverage Circumstances For Your BenefitWhy does someone face circumstances that seem insurmountable and become a better person through them, even leveraging them to their benefit and the benefit of those around them? They’ve developed their Life Palette. They may not intentionally know they’ve done it, but they have. My book Life Palette is all about how to discover and develop your Life Palette—and allow God to paint your life as the masterpiece He designed you to be.

Benefit Begins With A Choice 

You can do what you wish with your life. You have been given the privilege by your Creator to completely mess up your life and make it a disingenuous forgery of what it could be, or you can do your part to become the masterpiece God created you to be. The palette He has to work with is up to you.

It may be hard to describe yourself as a masterpiece. It somehow feels vain, arrogant, and even haughty to look at yourself that way. Maybe the opposite of self-pride is the problem. You don’t believe you’re beautiful enough on the inside to possibly be considered a work of art. You know who you are and what you’ve done. You know the ugliness of it, to the point it even defines you.

But here’s the key. It’s not about your extraordinary skill, intellect, or lack of both. Nothing can change the fact that you’re already created as a masterpiece. Nothing you think or do can undo that truth. Why? You’re not the creator of the masterpiece to begin with. You’re not the artist.

While you’re not the artist of your masterpiece, you have a role in becoming the masterpiece God created you to be. It is your choice; it’s your responsibility to create the Life Palette for God, the master artist, to paint the canvas of your life every day with His beauty, love, and destiny. God is the artist who dips His brush into your thoughts, decisions, and actions. He is the one who creates the composition, mixing the colors on your palette, each brush stroke placed perfectly and intently. Your job is to make and protect the palette for God to work with.

To create your Life Palette, you need to discover

  • The things currently on your Life Palette keeping you from being the masterpiece God created you to be.
  • The right life choices to mix on your Life Palette that will allow God to paint the canvas of your life as the true masterpiece He designed you to be.
  • The values necessary for a healthy foundation to build the rest of your Life Palette upon, so regardless of what life brings your way, you can continue to live as a masterpiece.
  • The character, relational skills, creativity, consistency, priorities, and attitudes needed for God to dip His brush into and paint your life.
  • The importance of keeping your Life Palette clean and fresh with the knowledge and abilities that will perpetuate a life lived as a masterpiece with an ever-increasing value.

Next Steps:

Consider the list of five things above that you need to discover to create your Life Palette. Which of these five would you say you need most and why? What is your strategy for moving forward in this area?