Legacy…What’s yours?

Legacy…it’s not something we think of often…but we ALL leave one, good or bad! Oftentimes the most we think about legacy is at a person’s funeral. What do we hear people say about the one they have lost? How do they sum up that person’s life and how it impacted them? That always makes me question…How will people speak of me when I go? Will they mention that I had a heart for God? For telling other people about Him no matter the cost?

Legacy…it’s something we should be thinking about every day!! We should think about it in the light of our relationship with Christ; our legacy should be based on how we LIVE the vision He has for our individual life. (I’m going to be talking more about this in the upcoming weekend, I look forward to it)  When you become a follower of JESUS…YOU are invited into HIS mission! He created YOU with a unique set of skills to perform for HIS glory in whatever setting He has placed you! Thus making HIS mission, seeking and saving the lost, a part of YOUR life! 

The question is, how do we figure out our special skill set and how to use it?

We can take whatever we are talented at, wherever we are placed (family, work, school, church) and seek and save the lost. By being kind, by serving, by showing we care, by befriending people, by sharing our faith journey, and the list goes on. God puts you in a place of influence wherever you are and building relationships with the people that are in your life is the first step to leaving a legacy and sharing Jesus with people.

The second thing we can do to live out HIS mission for us is to find common ground with those who are far from God! Instead of building up walls and/or focusing on the differences we may feel with people…look for those things we may have in common. Paul said in 1 Corinthians 9:22 “I try to find common ground with EVERYONE doing EVERYTHING I can to save some.” What an incredible example of finding similarities instead of focusing on differences!

Lastly, we EACH are called to make disciples! It’s not just a Pastor’s job…it’s ALL FOLLOWERS OF JESUS’S JOB! Building relationship….builds trust…builds the kingdom…impacts the world much quicker! I often think of that old saying “many hands make light the work”! This is SO true in KINGDOM WORK! We each have our own unique set of people that we know, can love, can serve, can share Jesus with and grow together!

GO…lead people who are far from GOD to be disciples!

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