The Journey To Live Life’s Purpose

purposeGod, the one who created you has a plan for your life. Let me be very clear about this: it is a good plan, a hopeful plan, a pleasing plan, and living in His plan is the place of greatest fulfillment. His plan is not contrived in one’s life, rather it is discovered. The process of discovery is too often left to chance and circumstances and blind hope that somehow you will stumble into His perfect plan. And that can happen, but God’s desire is to work with clarity rather than accidental fate.

God is a God of process; His processes are perfect. While none of the processes that we create are perfect, He leads us and inspires us in this. The process that I have found to be most helpful in not only discovering but helping me to stay on track with God’s plan for my life: the Patterson process called Life Planning. This 2 day process walks you through sequential exercises that are designed to help you discover the masterpiece God created you to be.

This process is about discovery. It is so powerful because rather than just a strategy and planning process the foundation is in gaining perspective. An important step, that most of us skip (we often rush to planning), but the clarity of God’s plan is revealed in perspective. It is a process that is Spirit led and opens a person’s heart and mind to the clarity and purpose, the life calling, and the vision God has for you as His masterpiece.

Let me ask you today, where are you on this journey of living the life purpose God has created you to live as His masterpiece? Are you searching? Discovering? Have you gotten to the place of understanding and clarity? Are you owing it? Have you focused your energy and effort on living it? If you are there already, what are you doing to continually renew and adapt your life to assure you stay the course? What is your process for keeping a keen awareness to the new levels and direction He wants to lead you in?

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