Jesus is NOT the reason for the season….

As an adult I sometimes want to respond to certain situations like a toddler; throw a tantrum, press for my way, or just scream in indignation. BUT I have a choice and control over my responses to situations that are, well, for lack of a better term, dreadful! Let’s face it, life in 2020 hasn’t been exactly easy and for many people it’s been devastating; losing loved ones, becoming unemployed, and feeling isolated are just a few of the situations many have found themselves in.

As I sat in service this weekend, alone (except for a few others on staff), I was pondering my responses throughout this season of COVID. Wishing we were still together in service instead of online was definitely a feeling I may have wanted to throw a little tantrum over. BUT in those times of “wishing for something different” God consistently reminds me of talks I have been working on recently. A BIG ONE….God wants us to choose JOY. RIGHT!!??!!

We have focused on the advent wreath’s meaning throughout these last few weeks and JOY, HOPE and PEACE are all perfect messages for not only the early church BUT for us today! This weekend Steve taught us about God’s LOVE! Steve reminded us of a saying that was made popular in the 90’s. Many of you may remember it; “Jesus is the reason for the season”. As we dug into that phrase a bit more, we discovered a truth that really wasn’t all that pleasant to hear.

Steve prompted us to dive into versus like: 1 John 4:8b-9that saysGod showed how much he loved us by sending His one and only son into the world so we might have eternal life thru him” and 1 John 4:10 that saysThis is real love not that we loved God but that HE loved us and sent his Son as a sacrifice to take away our sin

That’s right, Jesus isn’t the REASON for the season, OUR SIN is! That’s a hard pill to swallow! God would not have had to send His Son into the world if we had not sinned. If we had stayed in communion with him and not strayed away from His good and perfect plan. 

How do we live in that reality!? Unlike a toddler who is ruled by emotional responses, we have that choice to NOT throw a tantrum! We can choose to accept this reality, that because of our sin, Jesus came to this earth, lived a sinless life and eventually died for our sins but in great victory rose from the dead and is now reunited with God the Father in heaven advocating for us!

Jesus is the VICTORY of this season for sure!

We have responsibility to choose how to respond to Jesus just like those in the historical account of that first Christmas.  Mary and Joseph accepted in obedience the plan God set in motion thru Mary’s immaculate conception. The shepherds chose to respond in Praise, they were not fearful to share the news that they had heard! The wise men responded with worship, sharing valuable gifts with the new baby King and bowing before Him in reverence.

What will you do with the good news? How will you respond?