Jeff’s Blog: When Computer Backup Doesn’t Work

So…this week was the week that it looks like I’ve been given a complete clean slate from my past. My computer died on Friday of last week, how and why is a story that will make a message someday soon, and I got a new one on Sunday evening. I started the task of loading all of my programs etc…I think I would rather get a root canal. (yes, I’ve had several – and I would rather) Thinking everything would be fine as far as my data (20 years worth of study, sermons and writing) because I use a major online company, I was at peace until Tuesday. I went to get my backup and it was gone! I mean completely gone. (I won’t say the name of the company just yet, because my case has been escalated to their engineers – I will wait to see the results)

I couldn’t help but think about how this correlates with God’s Grace and Forgiveness through Jesus and all that He did for me on the cross. How cool is that, all the experts of my past looking for my sins and they can’t be found – gone – clean slate – it’s as though they never existed!!!

As far as my data is concerned I’m hoping the engineers at this major company who guarantees my backup can somehow find it all. One friend suggested that maybe God didn’t want me to use any of the research and writings from the last 20 years as I go forward – could be! If my wife is right and my memory is as bad as she says, it would be like a whole new life!!! I wonder what 10,000 hours of research and writing is worth? I guess it depends on whose it was!!! All I know is that I like having a clean slate from the sins of my past and I love God’s guarantee that they are gone forever!!!