Jeff’s Blog: What I Like About Alive

During the wrap up this weekend of the talk series called “Why”, I asked you to txt me answers to the question: What I like about Alive. Why did I ask the question? Not only did we talk about why we are here as individuals but why we are here as a church. I shared that in 2012 we are going to focus on the vision of creating a preferred environment for people who don’t go to church but desire to connect with God – as we live our mission of leading people who are far from God to be followers of Jesus.So, I got some of your feed back about our environment. Here are some of YOUR answers that I didn’t have time to read during the talk:

  • I was accepted here with no hesitation
  • The fellowship
  • We love the teaching and how it gives us a focus for each week
  • Being allowed to text during the service.
  • Its the only church I’ve walked into and felt completely welcomed.
  • Succinct, applicable bible studies that don’t sound preachy and don’t include emotional sappy stories.
  • I like that I don’t feel I’m being judged, or that my mistakes from the past aren’t the topic of here and now rather its an attitude of accepting the Person I am today, instead of constantly dwelling on the sins of my past.
  • Biblical & solid Christ-centered teaching & programs that cares 4 people spiritually & personally.
  • 1. jesus hangs out here 2. the people 3. the atmosphere
  • Alive is comfortable, inviting, warm, and accepting of everyone for who they are and where they are in their walk. Alive teaches straight from the Bible!
  • No fluff. Teaches how it is
  • Certainty,Accountability,Friendship, My needs are met here beyond my wildest dreams.
  • I love everything. And yes I am in church instead of watching the game
  • The music. The people. The emphasis on making disciples who make disciple
  • A non-judgmental environment! You are patient with where people are which helps them to get to where they need to be. Thank you
  • The music, and all of the free pie you are going to be serving on Sundays in 2012
  • Pastor Jeff
  • It is real
  • I love the small, intimate, family-like atmosphere
  • I like that the pastor reminds me of Jay Leno… Seriously, i like it that Pastor Jeff gets the message across without being too preachy.
  • I like Alive because: They have a Lead Pastor that don’t know you have to cook Pumpkin online
  • The music, and the fact the service feels like you are at a party with close family
  • I like that I feel welcome and its not about the clothes we wear!
  • It has really helped me understand the difference between a relationship with God and biblical knowledge.
  • what i like is the free donuts!!
  • That we get to learn about God.. (8 yrs old)
  • My children can understand and it makes sense, casual, down to earth, friendly, fun.
  • I am here because it feels like home.. The message I get every week just speaks to me. Its hard to describe.
  • The church has helped me grow so much closer to God. And I feel so comfortable here.
  • The candor

We mentioned that we will be having a Christmas offering starting in a couple of weeks, here are some of the details: Our goal this Christmas is $20,000

Here where we are going to give it:

  • Care for the Community – 45% Benevolence and community care utilizing Interfaith Community Services to maximize our impact.
  • Save Lives – 25% International Missions (Joe and Averyl Morris) Goal – Feed 4 Widows and their children for a year and an AIDS Training course. All in Africa.
  • Reach Out – 15% Big Days / Digital Missions. In other words Evangelism
  • 15% Invest in our students and children. Camp scholarships (youth and kids), youth curriculum, etc. Kid’s environment and VBS.

We will be giving out more details this coming weekend as we begin a new weekend talk series called Christmas Traditions.