Jeff’s Blog: Weekend Wrap-Up

I have to start out this weekend wrap-up blog with sadness: my Broncos got spanked! Horribly – embarrassingly – pathetically spanked!!! Disappointing, yet they ended the season a lot better than I thought they were going to at the beginning of the season.

On the upside: at Alive Church we baptized 4 people over the weekend! Celebrating a new spiritual journey through baptism never gets old. I will have to try to get the video from 3rd service; a young couple got baptized. The dad went first and while the mom was getting in the water their little boy, I think about 7 years old, went running down the aisle and onto the stage to hug his dad. It was so cool! So awesome!!! I love seeing everyone sign the certificates. (the cake after each service is pretty good too!)

I continued in the weekend talk series: Unlock. We looked at how to unlock Fulfillment in life through serving one another in love. Take a few moments and read through Gal 5:1-14 or catch the video archive at From the talk, remember we are Called to Freedom. God wants and intends for us to live in complete freedom. Next weekend the talk will be about one of my favorite topics: Unlock Truth. The more we live in Truth in every area of our lives the more we will live a rich and satisfying life. (John 10:10)

A special thanks to all the folks who talked via Skype this weekend – especially our Church Online Host, Don Young from Ohio who Skyped in all three services.

This was the last weekend for our Christmas offering, so we will be announcing the total next weekend and begin giving it out to the community and missions ministries that we are committed to supporting.

I hope and pray that you all have a great week this week. If you are like me I have a lot on the plate this week, starting with a staff training tomorrow morning. We are working through the Meyers Briggs stuff so that we can better communicate with one another. I am loving this stuff and have brought it home to work through with Kathy as well. It has really helped in our staff and personal communications. I have a couple of paintings to complete this week and putting in some time to prepare a little more for out next talk series that begins Feb. 11th/12th: Pure Sex.

Have a great week!