Jeff’s Blog: Weekend Update

I was so challenged and moved coming into this past weekends talk as I wrestled with the question: if God would say yes to one prayer what would it be? After wrestling with it for several days I came back to Jesus prayer in the garden before His crucifixion; “never the less, not my will but your will be done.” If it is good enough for Jesus to pray as His prayer to the Father, then it’s good enough for me!

This past weekend at Alive Church we continued in our weekend talk series called “Why”. We looked at the question; “Why didn’t God answer my prayer?” My prayer from the weekend is that not only did we grow in our faith as we looked at this question but that we would grow in our desire to know Jesus more intimately through prayer. Tonight I spent an hour or so outside sitting around the fire pit praying that prayer for everyone who heard the talk this weekend. As well, praying for everyone as the Lord spoke to us about the things that may be hindering our prayers; broken relationships, not believing God will really answer our prayers. I especially am continuing to pray that we trust that sometimes God during the times He says no or wait because He may have something better!

During our services this weekend there were 2 people who made faith commitments to follow Jesus – I am so grateful to be a part of a church that continues to invest and invite those who don’t know Jesus!!!

It was our first weekend to be reunited at one location here in the Tucson area. I was so excited to reconnect with many who have been attending the TP campus. It is a time to refocus and prepare as God leads us forward, into our future; united.