Jeff’s Blog: Weekend Update

I am so grateful for all that God did over the weekend at Alive Church. It is so good to hear the stories of spiritual growth and to see how God is working in our lives. Let me give you some details from the weekend, it is so encouraging seeing the vision that God has given us lived out:

  • I love sharing the faith stories that happen through all you do Alive Church! This past weekend 8 people made faith commitments to follow Jesus. That is a direct result of all that you do in serving and partnering together here in ministry. I believe God has just begun – the best is yet to come as we go forward together!
  • I hope you had a chance to see artist Phil Starke paint the face of Jesus live as I spoke. We began a New Weekend series called “Remember” , we started the series by looking at the importance of Communion and the significance of it in our lives. Phil’s painting of the face of Jesus helped us experience what we were talking about. If you were unable to be with us this weekend you can catch the teaching online at our website.
  • Courageous Resolution: There were nearly 40 men and their families who attended our Courageous Resolution Ceremonies on both campus and made a resolve to live as Courageous Men/Fathers/Husbands. Be praying for all our men as we live out this resolution. (Men if you missed the ceremonies this weekend and still want to get in on it we have another one you can get in on)
  • Foundations 101, Spiritual Growth. Mike Gray, Campus Pastor at Oro Valley , did a great job partnering in teaching at the Foundations 101, Spiritual Growth class , there were eight of us total. It is exciting to see people make decisions to the habits the Bible gives us to grow daily as followers of Jesus and to live successfully the life and purpose He has for us. (I feel so blessed to work with all of our Campus Pastors, they are all great teachers/communicators)
  • Regarding Vision: It is such a blessing to see and hear how God is working through the vision and strategy God has led us in – One Church – One Vision – Multiply Locations: Many of you may not know it but God is up to something at our Twin Peaks campus – you guys rock! Our Campus Pastor, Jason, and team at Twin Peaks are making a big difference in the Continental Ranch community. Church Online continues to expand the influence of Gods Kingdom every week along with Campus Pastor Phil Thompson, I got a chance to join Phil online for a few moments during all of the services this week. (Congrats to Phil and Mary Kay on celebrating 18 years of marriage today) The Anchor, our Thursday evening venue with Venue Pastor Ezra, started joining us for this series – Welcome gang!!! (I love you guys – your life and youthful vigor is great to be around)
  • On a Personal note: my son had a concert Saturday evening – I headed to it right after the Saturday evening services and caught up with the fam. It was awesome to have the whole family together at the concert and to hear him sing. We had a great dinner together as a family afterward. Kathy and I feel so blessed as we sit around the dinner table and catch up with our kids and their lives.
  • Next Steps: the challenge this week is to take some time during your daily time with God and take communion alone. For many this will be the first time that you have ever done this as a follower of Jesus – this will be a powerful time for you.
  • Remember; to help us all remember the significance, importance and power of taking communion as a follower of Jesus, I encouraged you to take your communion cup and put it in a prominent place this week so that we can Remember all that Jesus has done and is doing in our lives. It is already having a profound impact on me with my cups sitting on my desk next to my computer. I’m looking forward to what God is going to continue to do and speak to us about through the remainder of this series; Remember.
  • I want you to know Alive Church that I am praying for you. I am honored to serve as your pastor. You are an awesome church family! It is so great to see all the lives that are being transformed because of your commitment as followers of Jesus. As we continue to partner together I believe our best days are yet to come. I wish you could have heard the stories that people shared with me this weekend of how God is working in their lives and families. A young couple shared with me their journey with Jesus and how God has used you Alive Church as a part of that journey – they are so grateful for you and the ministry that you give through your service and commitment to living out Jesus mission.