Jeff’s Blog: Updates and Spiritual Billionaires

In two weeks we are going to be starting one of the most important weekend series of the year: Living A Courageous Life. Many families in our communities, our circle of influence, are in trouble. God cares deeply about the family and its success. Throughout this series we are going to discover what God has for our families and how we can live it out in our daily lives.

“These words that I am giving you today are to be in your heart. Repeat them to your children. Talk about them when you sit in your house and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up. Bind them as a sign on your hand and let them be a symbol on your forehead. Write them on the doorposts of your house and on your gates.” Deuteronomy 6:6-9

Prayer: Be in prayer for our families and the families you know over the next several weeks. The greatest thing a parent can pass on is God’s Word. The purpose of the family is to depict the love of God to the world.

· Pray for families at Alive Church, that they will align their lives with what God values.

· Pray for parents to learn to both discipline and disciple their children.

· Pray that God will be honored by the families in our church and that He will reveal Himself to the world through them.

Praise: This past weekend as we talked about S-N-L (Salt N Light) there were 8 people who made decisions to follow Jesus!

Campus update:At out Twin Peaks campus, we want to welcome Callie Hime to the team; she is overseeing the children’s ministry on that team. Callie is a great addition to the team and will add a lot of value to the ministry on the TP campus. Let’s all pray for her!!!

At the Oro Valley campus, our Campus Pastor, Mike Gray will be announcing new leadership over the youth ministry for that campus this coming weekend. Sounds like their announcement will be very creative!

Our Church Online Campus continues to grow and reach more people. This is a great place to invite friends and loved ones who are nervous about walking in the doors for the first time. Phil Thompson is the Campus Pastor and doing a great job taking this campus forward.

Looking Ahead: Our Big Event Weekend is coming quickly, not this coming but the next; Sept. 17ht and 18th, as we kick off “Living A Courageous Life”. Many of you are planning on inviting friends and loved ones who do are either far from God or simply do not yet have a church they call home. We will be having the Beast Feast, jumping castles for all the kids (among other great things) and we have a great BBQ grill that we will be giving away to one of our first time guest from that weekend. This is a simple way for us to partner with one another to live out our vision of “leading people who are far from God to be followers of Jesus, who are…”

Would you like to make some new friends? Life groups are gearing up for the fall. You have heard me say it many times; “you are either in a crises, just getting out of a crises, or headed toward a crises”, just one of the important reasons for developing authentic relationships in a Life Group environment today.

My thought for the week: If you are a person who has ever dreamed of striking it rich, good news; you already have. God has made us Spiritual Billionaires; we just need to learn to tap into the incredible resource God has given you. Paul wrote in Col. 3:16: “Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly….” The word richly here means; incredible abundance, extreme wealth, enormous affluence, great prosperity, immense riches , magnificent opulence and extravagant lavishness. As we receive God’s Word (The Bible) in our lives it will enrich us spiritually, it will make us Spiritual Billionaires. Paul goes on to show us what God’s Word will produce in our lives as he describes people whose hearts are full of wisdom, full of joy, minds of understanding and they are singing praises to God. People who have struck it rich spiritually! My prayer is that we would all become so full of God’s Word that our entire lives are affected; “Lord make us spiritual Billionaires!”