Jeff’s Blog: The Trust App

Application is everything. A lot of times we hear a new truth, or make plans to do something, get a new workout CD, a treadmill, and just because we’ve done so we feel like we are making progress. The truth is, without application we are not making any progress. So I am taking a few weekends to talk during the weekend services at Alive about how to apply some of the most important Life Apps that the Bible gives us for our future success in every area of our lives.
One of the most powerful relational tools for healthy and successful relationships is trust. This weekend I will be talking about The Trust App. Without understanding and applying The Trust App the way the Bible teaches us, we will handicap our ability to thrive in our relationships. Because trust is so often misunderstood, it is often not applied. We are going to discover how to apply Trust to every relationship and see what to do when trust is broken.
My notes are finished and I couldn’t be more excited. I love it when a weekend teaching stirs something so deep within me. I’m looking forward to the weekend and hoping to see you all.