Jeff’s Blog: T.E.A.M. Starting The Fall Season With Ws

It was a great weekend for all my favorite sports teams. The U of A beat OSU and is now ranked! Jeff Gordon and the 24 team made it into the Chase on the last few laps of the Saturday night race in Richmond and Denverbeat the Steelers.(And everyone thought Peyton might be to old to get er done! Way to go Manning!!!)  And to top it off their were over 90 team members from the Alive Ministry team that gathered on Sunday evening for some food and celebration. We spent a few moments talking about how ministry at Alive truly is a team effort, using the acronym T.E.A.M. Together Experiencing A Ministry, together with one another and together with Jesus. We looked at how Jesus led in team ministry and led the way for us as Servant Leaders.
 Some of our team pulled out some videos of some of our more recent bloopers during the weekend services, always a good time! It was awesome to look back and see the incredible things God has done through the servant leadership of this incredible team of people who sacrifice on a weekly basis to see people experience and get rooted in the Love of Jesus.
  • Year to Date Re-dedications:  86
  • Year to Date Salvations:  20
Yeah God – Yeah team!!!
We also looked ahead a little, especially toward this coming weekend as we launch our new Balanced series with the Big Event Weekend, music, food (Jimmy Johns) and the beginning of a six week talk series that will help everyone to live in Financial Freedom!!!  We are all stoked for the weekend to get hear. Through the Invest and Invite cards our team is praying for 230 names of folks that we are investing in and inviting for the weekend for the sake of eternity. Up from our At The Movies invest and invite when we had  138 names where we saw 67 of those folks come to Alive. As we invest and invite people their lives are changed as they meet Jesus – let’s all be praying for this coming weekend!
So all my teams scored a big win this weekend – pretty good start to the fall season!!!