Jeff’s Blog: REsults From The Big Weekend At Alive Church

As most of you know we had our Big Weekend this past weekend to kick off our All New weekend series called Courageous. This series is all about the family and how our families can be healthy and how we as Courageous Parents can do our part to lead our families to all that God has for them.

Here’s a brief overview from the weekend here at Alive Church:

  • 27 people made decisions about following Jesus during our Big Weekend! Several others asked to have more information about following Jesus.
  • Many of the folks that all of you are Investing in and Invited to the Weekend were here and have asked to connect with us here at Alive Church. Let’s continue to partner together in this to reach those we know and love and our community. I still have several people on my list that I am investing/inviting. I love the invite info for this series. I carry a couple with me and was able to actually invite someone this weekend at a movie theater – the conversation lead that way and I had the invite card on me. I will continue to pray with you and for you and the names of folks you gave me.
  • The kids had a great time in the jumping castles at both Oro Valley campus and Twin Peaks campus. I have to admit I took advantage of the jumping castle at the Oro Valley campus, I was there when they set up and the kids weren’t – so – I jumped!!!
  • Great food for the Beast Feast at all of our services. A special shout out to Chris and Shelby and Chuy’s for making that happen for us. I am in love with the BBQ sauce at Chuy’s!!! You guys are rock stars.
  • Both of our locations had great concerts after the Sat. services during Beast Feast – great job to our guest bands.
  • Our Church Online Campus had a great attendance, as did all the campuses, this last weekend and many entered to win the BBQ Grill. Remember to take advantage of Church Online as a great tool to invite your friends for the first time.

We talked about Joshua this past weekend and his leadership and how we as parents are to lead our families. We said that as the destination of our family depends on where we lead them as the drivers. This next weekend we are going to focus on having Courageous Priorities. The Bible gives us great insight in to how we should live by priorities to have a healthy, thriving family life.

Gotta go – headed off to lead a His Man and teach part one on How To Be A Great Dad!