Jeff’s Blog: My Side Of The Dance

Our family just got home from the theater where we went to see Courageous. I love it, even better the second time around. (Kathy and I were honored and privileged to see a private showing about four months ago – definitely better on the big screen) There are so many scenes that really moved me as a man and challenged me to be a Courageous Father and husband. I have to say though the scene that stuck with me most, from first viewing and when we just saw it in the theater is the scene where the Dad dances in the park and in his prayed ask God to tell his little girl that he “did his side of the dance.”

I loved all the stuff about Dads with their sons and how challenging that is. My son Joel loved it and we already have been able to talk about some favorite scenes and I can see how it challenges the little man in him. But, I think the fact that I have 3 girls, and they are all 3 my little baby girls I don’t care how old they get, the dance scene got to me. Maybe even more the second time around because I knew what was coming.

My youngest daughter Kristi was just in our room talking with her mother and I told her, “I will dance with you anytime you want.” I’m sure I’ve blown it and miss so many moments in my girl’s lives, but after seeing that movie I am committed to making sure I dance my side of the dance every time there is a chance to dance with those I love.