Jeff’s Blog: My Overwhelming Mercy For The Italian Cruise Ship Captain

A recent international story regarding a sinking Italian Cruise Ship got me to thinking a little about leadership. Here are seven things all leaders should know that this story solidifies:

1. Stay the course: When you get off course of the final destination (vision) you are in danger of hitting the rocks and sinking the ship!

2. Know what you are getting yourself into upfront: As a leader you need to know you have made a commitment to go “down with the ship” so to speak, especially should you be the one to cause it to sink.

3. Enjoy the blessings: The charge of going down with the ship holds in it the promise of enjoying the blessings while the ship is on course and there is smooth sailing.

4. Know when to enjoy the blessings: You don’t deserve dinner in your cabin with your lady friend after you have collided with the rocks and the passengers are scrambling for their lives.

5. Listen to wise counsel: We all make stupid mistakes from time to time and that is why we all need wise counsel. When your wise counselors are saying; “Hey you idiot get back on the ship”, listen to them. You could still be a celebrated, forgiven captain even after sinking a ship – provided you weren’t being totally stupid to begin with. I mean hey – look at American politicians!

6. Workout: Seriously, if you are in such bad shape that you can’t get out of a lifeboat after falling in you need to consider using your own gym that you have on your ship!

7. Find A New Career: Once you break trust by abandoning your post, it’s hard to regain it. Let’s be honest, even if the cruise line is offering deep discounts, do you really want to sail on a ship in the near future knowing this guy is the captain?