Jeff’s Blog: My Challenges This Week And Church Online

I was so encouraged this week as I received an email from a lady who watched the weekend talk from our archives on Monday and made a decision to follow Jesus. Yeah God!!!  One of the things I love about Alive Church is your willingness to try new things and Church Online has been one of those risk that you all have invested in and we have continually seen our mission of leading people who are far from God to be followers of Jesus lived out. Personally, I see Church Online as an area that has more potential than we ever dreamed in our future.  I want to encourage all of you who are a part of Alive Church to take advantage of Church Online. There are a few things that are of great value to you:
  1. It’s a great way to invite your friends to try church for the first time. Many people are willing to try Church Online when they are fearful of walking in the doors of the building. It gives them a chance to see what they will experience and pave the way for them to attend with you at a later date. I invite friends and family weekly by using the invite button. It’s simple!
     2. It’s heating up around Tucson (Can you believe we’ve already hit 100%?) and that means many of us will take time to escape the heat for vacation.  Church Online is a fantastic tool for staying in touch with your church while you are vacationing. Many people tell me they hate missing a weeks teaching from a series while they are away. The good news is you don’t have to. You can join live at Church Online, where we always have a Campus Pastor who breaks away from the regular service to connect with the Online crowd before the service, during the announcements and for the close of the service. Or if you are traveling somewhere where the time change is extreme and you are on sleep time during our schedule live services, we always have the archive of the weekends talk posted by Monday.  Thanks to all our team that make Church Online happen.
    It’s been a challenging week as I have worked on living out the Next Step from last weeks talk The Encouragement App. The principles that we have been looking at in this series called Life Apps add so much value toward us having healthy relationships. I have had so many folks respond with comments about how much this series is helping them in their daily life and how practical and applicable it has been. If you missed last weekend you can catch The Encouragement App on our web site.  This coming weekend will be equally as powerful as we look at The Rest App. This is one I personally have struggled with all my life, I will share a little of my story during the weekend talk. While this app is very personal, it has a tremendous affect on every area of our lives, especially our relationships.
I’m looking forward to being with you all this weekend and I’m praying that it will be a special time in your journey with Jesus.