Jeff’s Blog: Like Rain

Last night we had a thunder storm here in the NW side of Tucson. I was up late painting in my studio and could hear the thunder rolling but no rain. I started cleaning things up and finishing the “masterpiece” I was working on, which includes getting the trash from all the paper towels out. At the very moment I opened the door to do so; it began to rain, nice. On my Pandora station that I had playing throughout the evening the words “grace like rain are pouring down on me” were coming through at that very moment. I stood out in the rain for a few moments and listened to the song coming from the studio and soaked in God’s grace pouring down on me like rain. I want to always be reminded of His grace in my life. Next time you’re in a rain storm, take a moment and know that God’s grace is constantly and consistently being poured out on you like rain.

My mind is in the middle of processing the weekend today. My notes for the weekend talk, “How To Make A Difference”, are churning in my heart and mind. Interesting enough, the focus is on Grace. Grace is a bold part of being a follower of Jesus. Many of you may be traveling this holiday weekend; I want to encourage you to join us online as we continue with “Salt And Light”.

In Christ, Jeff

P.S. Funny, even now while I’m writing this a song is playing with the words: “let Your mercy rain on us.” I say let it rain!!!