Jeff’s Blog: Courageous vs Complacency

Great quote: “Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgment that something else is more important than fear.” The opposite courage is complacency. It is so easy to get complacent about anything in our lives and end up somewhere we never intended. This is a call to action to either get out of complacency or to fortify our lives to stay out of complacency and be men and women of courage.

This weekend we will begin the new series called “Courageous”. This series is an unapologetic call for men to take a courageous stand for their faith and their families. This series will be an unapologetic call for all followers of Jesus to take a courageous stand for their faith and their families. As we begin the series this weekend we are going to look at the Old Testament leader, Joshua. He was a man of resolution who knew his responsibilities and stood before the people of his day making a wholehearted commitment to God for his life and his family. Joshua was resolute regardless of what others decided to do.

When we decide to step and and resolutely surrender to God’s plan our lives, our families, our relationships, our marriages will radically change. This series is the most important weekend series that we will have taken a look at this year, this will change the lives of many families for the good – God’s good!

We are kicking off the series this weekend with a Big Event on BOTH our Twin Peaks campus and our Oro Valley campus.

  • Beast Feast – after Sat. evening services and Sunday 2nd service. Before Sunday first service beginning at 8:30 (Beast Feast is free to everyone – their is definitely meat being served!)
  • Concerts on both campuses after Sat. evening services!
  • Jumping Castles for the kids and snow cones – again at BOTH campuses. Kids get their early and stay a little after to enjoy it all!!!
  • Ultimate BBQ Grill give-a-way. Every person who attends this weekend and turns in their communication card (Yes Church On-line – you can submit your Communication Card on line) qualifies for the BBQ Grill drawing.

This is a great weekend to invite a friend, neighbor, loved one or co-worker that you have been investing your life into. If have been thinking about checking out Alive Church for the first time – this is the perfect weekend for you to check us out. Or maybe because of the busyness of summer and vacations you just got out of the habit of going to church on the weekends – there is not better time to get back in the swing of it all than this weekend as we begin “Courageous”.

You and Your FAMILY will be glad you did!!! Let’s take a Courageous stand for our lives, our families and others we know and love.