Jeff’s Blog: Back In Tucson And Thanks To The Team

This past weekend after our Saturday evening service Kathy and I drove through the night to Colorado Springs, Colorado to be with extended family after the sudden death of a very dear cousin. Sunday and Monday were spent with family and being at my cousin Barbs funeral. Her life story, though cut very short, touch many. There were about 1,000 people who attended the funeral with here husband receiving hundreds of letters from students she has taught over the years. One thread ran through everything everyone said about Bard, she passionately pursued Jesus. She will be dearly missed yet always remembered and her life celebrated. Please continue to pray for her family.
I want to thank everyone on the team at Alive that made it possible for Kathy and I to go and be with family. You guys rock, all the way from capturing a great recording on Saturday evening for the Sunday services to the staff who covered meetings I was scheduled to lead Monday and Tuesday.
So now we are back in Tucson and back in the saddle, as it were, getting ready for the weekend. I am very excited as I put the finishing touches on the notes for this weekends talk: The Encouragement App. Looking forward to seeing everyone this weekend!