Jeff’ Blog; Weekend Update

Awesome weekend at Alive! Kathy and I attended Alive Church Online while we were away for the weekend celebrating our 28th anniversary. If you didn’t get a chance to here our Executive Pastor, Jason Marsden, speak, you will want to catch it online in our service archives – great job Jason – Kathy and I totally enjoyed you from Sedona.

I love the illustration Jason used pouring the water from one container to another as he talked about the Timeless Truth of God’s Word and how we are committed to continually using Relevant Environments as we communicate it.

What a great blessing it was for myself and Kathy to be able to spend time alone as a couple celebrating our 28th. We had the incredible privileged of spending a night at the Ritz in Dove Mountain – thanks to Chris from Life Group. Wow – that place is out of this world – thanks for the blessing Chris!!! Then we drove to Sedona, one of our favorite AZ destinations and spent the night there. Did some touring and hiking Sat. and Sunday and back home now ready to start the week.

I’m looking forward to wrapping up the weekend talk series, Unlock, this coming weekend. This series has definitely challenged me in Unlocking My Personal Potential! It has helped me to step up in a few places and dream and pray bigger in others.

Superbowl Sunday is next weekend – it is a great time to try Saturday night service at 5pm so you can go to your Superbowl party early.

Thanks again Jason – home run! Not only am I thrilled to be a part of a church committed to Relevant Environments – but I want to be personally as well in all areas of my life!