Is Purity attainable or antiquated?

This weekend we tackled a subject that is often thought of as taboo! Even within the confines of a marriage it can be a difficult topic to talk about.

BUT just as the body is designed and made to take in food and enjoy it, so God created our bodies to want and enjoy sex. Did God create some boundaries around sexuality…yes, but these are meant to protect us, not take away any of the fun or pleasure.

One of the first things we need to think about when it comes to sexuality is what does God say about it. Really this should be our approach to everything in life. How does God say we should treat our neighbor, how should we respond to a person that is upset with us, should we respect our parent’s authority over us, what am I to do with my finances…so many things we should be looking to God and setting our standards according to His word and guidance!

For so many years, sex has been that taboo subject in churches and in culture. Not until recently has the pendulum swung the complete opposite direction and sex has inundated our society, from movies, to advertisement, to our school systems, we can hardly turn our heads without some form of inuendo or outright images of sexuality being there. When we look to God’s word, He teaches us throughout the bible (Old Testament and New) that there is a balance to all He has created.  In fact, He teaches us that each one of us is created uniquely and that balance for one person isn’t necessarily going to be the same for the next person. I’ll use food as an example, one person can eat a hamburger and their body metabolizes it easily and it doesn’t have a negative effect on them, another person who is prone to heart disease shouldn’t eat that same hamburger because it has a negative effect on their arteries, another person is prone to weight gain and obesity and so should limit their intake of fats. Now, I may have just offended someone by talking about abstaining from eating a hamburger…but I think it helps drive home a point. (And by the way, I love hamburgers!)  Each of our bodies is created uniquely and we need to find balance in our eating habits, our exercise habits, our sexual habits, in the proper context, God’s standards, is good and pleasing not only to us, but to God! We need God to guide us in our choices, we need to allow Him to change the way we think, helping our minds focus on what is good and pure and will bring Him honor.

If we want our sexual health to be better, within the standards that God places, we need to go to His word and seek His wisdom on the subject.

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