Initiate Daily, 5 Daily Habits For Success (Part 3)

initiate To assure that you live your life as the masterpiece God created you to be, it is imperative that you take some initiative every day that will be an investment in your future. As you make Initiate a daily habit you will begin to live a more consistent life and consistency is vital on your Life Palette for success.

This week I’m blogging a 5 part series called “5 D.A.I.L.Y. Habits For Success” using an acrostic to easily remember the 5 habits that is needed every day. The first day was D for dream daily, the second day was A for advance daily, and today is I for Initiate daily.

Grandpa’s Great Initiate Example

Let me give you an example of the payoff of making Initiate a part of your D.A.I.L.Y. habits for success: In front of the barn where my grandfather walked daily to feed his sheep are several large trees. I remember when he planted them; the saplings seemed insignificant compared to the big oak and walnut trees nearby. Now, after all these years, those saplings are majestic, mature trees. My grandfather’s willingness to take the initiative that day provides a picture of a visionary, someone who realized the simplest initiative would be a dream realized in years to come. The best day to take the initiative toward planting your dreams was yesterday. Today is the next best day—so initiate today and every day after this. Live with an expectation that someday a masterpiece will be realized.

Initiate Your Dream Today:

Don’t get caught in the trap of only doing the things that will pay off immediately for success as living as a masterpiece. Those things are more a part of the A in D.A.I.L.Y.: Advance. Initiate is more connected to thinking long term, much like planting a seed or as in the example above a sapling, something you know will take time to pay off, but when it does, it will add so much value toward your success. The habit of Initiating D.A.I.L.Y. is all about doing those things today for your success that if you wait to do them it will be too late. Again, had my grandfather waited to plant those trees in front of his barn when he was 85 he would have never enjoyed their shade.

Take the time as you to dream your dreams, as you advance step by step toward those dreams everyday to Initiate changes, values, thoughts, new processes, new systems, that you know may take time but will be of great value in the days, months and years to come.