The Importance Of A Great Beginning

Beginning I’m a Broncos fan, so it is painful, and humbling, to look back at the Super bowl. However, there are some great lessons to learn from the big game. And it all begins with the first play of the game – as Peyton Manning watched the football sailing by his helmet because of a missed communication – and quickly Seattle is on the board with a 2 point touchback. That touchback in the first moment of the game set the tone for how Denver would play the rest of the game – oh the pain.

The price of poor communication is costly in every arena of life. The snowball affect can be devastating. The truth is, success in life is actually simple: great communication. However, great communication takes work. To assure that you get a good beginning in any relationship, business deal, or life decision, make sure you start with great communication. Here are 3 parameters that will guarantee successful communication and help you live the masterpiece/championship life God has for you.

1.     Always Set Clear Expectations

It is very important to make sure that what is in your head is being communicated clearly. We often think because we understand what we want or have in mind that we have made ourselves clear. Don’t assume. When communicating with someone else ask a few simple questions to make sure you are on the same page – that the expectations are clear: What have we agreed to? What do you expect of me? What will it look like when we are living this out?

2.     Pre-determined Consequences

It is equally important to make the consequences very clear. This is often overlooked and then someone is painfully surprised to find out there were any consequences. Perhaps even more painful to any relationship is to have failure after failure without consequences and the relationship simply never goes forward.

3.     Set The Rewards And Then Some

This is not only about living what should be but what could be. What are the benefits for the relationship? And what are the potential rewards beyond what you know as you live in good clear communication. Talk about the potential masterpiece life that God has for you. Imagine what it’s like to live as champions!

A great beginning does not guarantee a perfect ending, but it will give you the best opportunity for success.

Next Steps Towards A Great Beginning:

Which of these 3 are you strongest at? Which do you need to focus on today? How will you go about it?

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