I Love Monday Mornings

OK – so I said “I Love Monday’s” because it is a time when the staff all gets together to review the weekend and hear the reports of changed lives. Here is what I’m talking about – I hope it helps make your Monday go a little smoother:
This last week there were 19 people who made decisions to follow Jesus for the first time! Yeah God – I’m telling you that never gets old. Thank you to everyone who serves on our Weekend Experience team to allow God to work in lives in that way – you all rock!!!

By the way, 15 of those commitments were in our Childrens ministry this week. If you really want to make a difference we still need more help in that area of ministry and lives are being changed. Contact Pastor Tom; tom@alivechurch.com

I have not had a chance to report this but we had some baptisms at our Continental Ranch campus a few weeks. Awesome stuff. One of those being baptized shared about the vital role that being in a Life Group had in their decision to take the step of being baptized. The entire Life Group was a part of this celebration.

Livin What You Know. You have been hearing about our spiritual growth campaign coming in September. We are doing this special campaign with three things in mind: Unity, Community and Spiritual Growth Opportunities. It will be a time where Alive is getting on the same page in Unity of what we are teaching, focusing on and praying for. One of the key elements in this is living out authentic community as a church. I am praying for everyone that we would all take the next step in our spiritual journey as we open ourselves up to spiritual growth opportunities. There are several pieces to this campaign. First is the weekend teaching series:
Week One – “23” – The Radical Nature Of The Shepherd
Week Two – “13” – The Radical Nature Of Love
Week Three – “3:16” – The Radical Nature Of Hope
Week Four – “12” – The Radical Nature Of Sacrifice
Week Five – “4:13” – The Radical Nature Of Faith

Another key element will be weekly scripture memory verses and a daily devotional blog. Also, we will have home groups that we are calling Growth Groups during these five weeks to develop community. I encourage you to give it five weeks and let God radically change your life – our life together.