I Identify as…..

It’s a hot topic these days, defining yourself and your identity. There are many many things we can identify as and maybe, current culture, doesn’t really applaud me saying “I identify as a Christ follower” BUT believe you me, I DO!

I haven’t ALWAYS though. I actually was a teenager when I publicly aligned myself as a Christ follower. It was at the Mad river that I declared my loyalty to God through Christ and got “washed by the water”! You may have heard songs about this (Carrie Underwood’s comes to mind) but not really understand what it’s all about!

The “washing in the water” is what the bible calls Baptism. It helps us remember what Christ did on the Cross for us when He died for our sins to reconnect us in a very special way with God the Father. Like the three days he spent in the tomb and then rose again, we choose to be submersed in water and then brought back out again as a symbol of our belief in Jesus’ death and resurrection.

THROUGH BAPTISM, we are putting on our New Identity in Jesus!

If you know the story of Jesus and his life on earth, at the beginning of His ministry he actually was baptized! When Jesus was baptized a voice from heaven pronounced how PLEASED he was with him. Jesus himself, who never sinned, chose to SHOW who His identity came from (God) and also showed us how to do the same! Next week we are going to be Baptizing several people! I’m so excited that they are going to be sharing with us who they choose to IDENTIFY WITH! At Alive we strive to follow what Matthew 28:19 tells us to do “Go and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.”

Who do you choose to place your identity in? Or is the better question; What do you choose to place your identity in? It’s easy in our culture to place your identity in career, finances, assets, portfolios, education, family, sexuality, OR a number of other things. All things that are temporary and volatile. I want to encourage everyone to pursue a NEW IDENTITY in Jesus Christ. An identity that will last for all eternity. Take time and get to know Him and learn about his teachings, grow in your understanding and then SHARE that new identity with everyone around you. We are all called to make disciples, which just means, we are called to share our faith in Jesus with others and encourage them to develop their own faith!

If you have questions, or need to know more, please connect! Would love to talk with you!

If you would like to watch our talk from this past weekend click here!