I Am God’s Masterpiece


I Am God’s Masterpiece

I am God’s masterpiece. Not because of anything I do or say, but because God created me as His masterpiece. This is nothing I have done. It is the power of God as my Creator. Nothing can change the fact that I am created by God as His masterpiece. Nothing I think or do can undo this truth. God, the Master Artist, paints the canvas of my life every day with His beauty, love and destiny. He is the one who dips His brush into my thoughts, decisions, and actions. He is the one who creates the composition of my life as His masterpiece, each brush stroke placed perfectly and intentionally. In the same way that He created the universe from nothing, He is creating new life in me as I follow Jesus: His masterpiece.

I am God’s masterpiece. How can I be so confident of this? Because He declares in His Word: I am His masterpiece created in Christ Jesus to do the good works which He prepared for me. Not because of extraordinary skill, intellect, or lack of either. Not because of anything I do or say, in truth the potential of a masterpiece is in the artist. The masterpiece potential in me is a part of who I am, placed within me by God as He knit me together in my mother’s womb.

While I’m not the artist, I have a role in living life as the masterpiece God created me to be through thoughts, decisions, and actions. As I obey Him in these areas of my life, He releases the masterpiece potential He placed within me. I am choosing to submit to the power of His Spirit living in me and prayerfully ask Him to give me the desire and power to do so. In moments when I do not feel like God’s masterpiece, I will ask Him to empower me to press beyond my feelings to the truth of His Word: I am God’s masterpiece. When the enemy tries to convince me that I am nothing more than a fake, a forgery, I will speak and declare aloud His Word: I am God’s masterpiece.

This truth has significant implications for how I should live my life, love God, love myself and others. As His masterpiece and by the power of His Spirit living in me I will love myself too much to allow sinful behaviors, attitudes, and words to dominate my thinking. As His masterpiece and by the power of His Spirit living in me I will see and love others as the masterpieces He created them to be, seeing beyond where they are to their God-given potential. Truly this is the prism of the cross of Jesus. And this is the prism that God, my loving Heavenly Father, views me through as I follow Jesus. I am God’s masterpiece.