How To Win Victory Over Your Difficulties


difficultiesIn yesterday’s Life Palette blog, How To Solve Problems With Creativity we looked at 3 actions you should take to begin solving problems with creativity: 1. Visualize A Solution, 2. Look At What You Have, 3. Look For Ways To Create A Combination. Today, let’s apply these actions to your difficulties and in doing so you will win victory over them.

1. Trust God To Give You Solutions

As a pastor, one of the long standing jokes is a pastor and his leadership team facing a problem that seems insurmountable to them. After working to come up with a solution to no avail, they finally decide they need to pray and ask God for wisdom and direction. One member of the leadership teams responds by saying: “so it’s come to this? Prayer?”  Unfortunately, that is how many of us live our lives, when prayer should be a starting point for every difficulty: “Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything.” (Philippians 4:6 NLT) Make prayer your first step rather than your last resort.

2. Get A New Perspective

As an artist when a painting is not working one of the things I do most often is to simply get a new perspective. For me that may mean using a different picture for a reference or when painting outside to just move locations. As you face life’s difficulties, you may need to ask someone who has fresh eyes about your problem. Read a book that deals with the issue at hand. Sit down with a team of people you know and trust and brainstorm a solution. Part of the beauty of making a habit of reading the Bible as a daily discipline is you get a new perspective about your life and your difficulties through those who have gone before you.

3. Look For The Silver Lining

My grandmother always said the old cliché: “behind every cloud there’s a silver lining.” I often thought it trite, but I’ve learned the power of that old cliché. With every difficulty, there is an opportunity to grow, learn, stretch and unleash the potential of what could be. In Romans 8:28 the Apostle Paul writes: “And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them.” (NLT) Notice God doesn’t cause all things, but if we will allow Him to He will cause them to be used for our good.

Whatever difficulty you are facing right now make it a matter of prayer, trust God to give you a solution. Ask Him to give you the wisdom necessary for a new perspective, perhaps His? Look for the opportunities that He gives you to grow and fulfill your potential as His masterpiece through it all. As you do, you can win victory over every difficulty you face.


Which of these three do you need to apply to the difficulties in your life most today? Why?