How To Eat A Cinnamon Roll

Just in case you missed the weekend services, I taught everyone the right way to eat a cinnamon roll. It all starts with the proper amount of butter. I always ask for mine to be “baptized” in butter; completely immersed, not a dry spot on the entire roll. Then I set the very center apart from the rest of the roll to save it as my last bite. It is the best part of the roll, the center is the reason I eat cinnamon rolls. (It is a test of my love when my wife asks for the center as a bite!)

The point from the talk this weekend is that we have been “set apart” by Jesus as pure. Not set aside and discarded, but “set apart”, special, savored, kept for Him. “Then they will be… given a place among God’s people, who are set apart by faith in me.” (Acts 26:18) What is it that we are “set-apart” from? Worldliness.

Worldliness is having the same purpose, perspective and priorities as someone who does not follow Jesus. It means that we are participating in the things of this world without consideration of the things (purpose, perspective and priorities) of God.

I love the phrase from the weekend: “Either we influence the world, or the world influences us.” We are set apart to influence the world with the purpose of God, the perspective of God and with God’s priorities.

This week, take some time and have a “baptized in butter” cinnamon roll and while you’re eating it consider how God has set you apart for His purposes.