“At Home On The Range” 9×12″ Oil Painting On Canvas

Just Finished This Painting, 9x12"


I just finished this oil painting “At Home On The Range”, I started it a couple of months ago en plein air, but it needed a few touches in the studio. It just made it to the easel this week. I painted it on a ranch in Tubac, AZ.  I was especially attracted to the dead tree, and started with it, the horse wondered into the scene while I was painting and stayed long enough that I had to paint it in.

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Life Palette

Check out what people are saying about my book Life Palette. In this book I take my knowledge of art and talk about how God is the artist of our lives, He has painted each of us as His masterpiece, we give Him the palette, Life Palette, to paint with.

Artist Phil Starke

As an artist, I can appreciate Jeff’s ability to take his knowledge and experience in painting and use it as an analogy with our walk with God. The choices we make as artists affect our work just as the choices we make in life affect our relationship with God. Just like an artist needs to have a good understanding of what makes a good painting and how to apply it to a canvas, we need to have a good understanding of the Gospel and how to apply it to our lives. Jeff does a great job of showing how a sovereign God can create a masterpiece with our lives, if we will humble ourselves and seek His riches instead of our own.

Phil Starke

Award-winning painter and workshop teacher, Tucson, Arizona

(See Phil’s “Between the Palette Scrapings” features throughout this book)

Dr. Alton Tomlin

Picture a painter’s studio, per chance a double car garage, in Tucson, Arizona. As you look around, you see all the accoutrements of a skilled painter. There stands the easel and alongside the easel a table and on the table lay the palette, and the varied colors of paints chosen for the day’s work.  Brushes and knives are there, also.

Picture a pastor’s study, large mahogany desk, and plush chair. Book shelves are standing from floor to ceiling, full of scholarly books on the Bible and theology, history and apologetics. Undergraduate and graduate degrees line the wall.

These two work places seem worlds apart…and yet not so. Welcome to the studio and study of  Dr. Jeffrey Allen Love. You will enter his life and thoughts through the pages of Life Palette. In this book, the paraphernalia from Dr. Love’s studio become metaphorical. The eternal values found in his study come alive as artistic words are used to define them.

Alton B. Tomlin Ph.D.

Life Church, Fort Collins, Colorado