Here’s What Happening In My Art Life

This large oil painting (At The Edge Of The Watering Hole, 30″ x 48″) was recently purchased by the National Cattleman’s Beef Association (NCBA) and is now part of their private collection. It is currently being displayed in their offices located in Washington DC. When I heard the news I celebrated by grilling out a nice New Your Strip! For a farm kid from Ohio, this is my kind of collector!!!

There seems to be a theme for me right now, I recently was invited to submit paintings once again to The Oyster Club Invitation Art Show here in Tucson, got the invitation now I’m hoping to get in the big show! By the way, once again my kind of collectors. Yes I have had mountain oysters and found them to be pretty good once I got past the idea of what they were. I’ll buy for anyone who is willing to give them a try!!!