Help To Put People In “Their Place”

Help To Put People In “Their Place”The title attracts me because there are times someone will rub me the wrong way or say something I disagree with and I want to put them in “their place”. However, this blog is about helping others live as the masterpiece that God created them to be by helping them get in the place God created for them. Discovering and living their God-given plan and purpose. The more we help others to discover and live the purpose and plan God has for them, the more our lives will personally reflect being the masterpiece He created us to be. This concept is a relational element that we need to develop on our Life Palette for success.

I have had many conversations with people who want so desperately to help others reach their potential, especially in our current Life Coaching culture. It’s important to note however, that to coach; we need to personally be a success and expert in the areas they want to coach others in. Most people understand this intuitively, for instance I have had several painting coaches over the last several years, and they are all experts in oil painting, masters in their own rights. I would never have someone coach me in painting who couldn’t paint. The same is true with most areas of our lives. So here are a few things you can do to get prepared to put others in “their place”, to help them be the masterpiece God created them to be.

First, Understand Yourself

It’s important that you discover and understand you own life purpose. If you are always coaching others about their life purpose and are not clear about your own life purpose you will cause a rift in those relationships. Others will probably find you to be an annoying-know-it-all. It always begins with you first. Jesus said it this way: “Love your neighbor as yourself. No other commandment is greater than these.” (Mark 12:31 NLT) You can give others what you don’t have!

Second, Grow Everyday

Make growth a part of your life. Grow everyday in your potential, toward your purpose. Don’t waste a day not growing! You will only be able to help others discover and live in “their place” as a masterpiece as you continue to live a life of growth personally.

Third, Help Add Value To Others

Make it a point to add value to everyone you come in contact with. The more you recognize throughout the day that each person you interact with is a masterpiece created by God, the more you will add value to their lives and ultimately reap the rewards of doing so.

Next Steps:

Make a conscious choice right now to see others as God’s masterpiece, do this by silently whispering “you are God’s masterpiece” to everyone you meet today.