Harness The Power Of Creativity

creativity Change is not an option, change happens! Change is a constant in life. Like it or not, most people, when asked, say they don’t like it. To unleash your potential you must learn to navigate change successfully. You must learn to prosper in the midst of change. If not, you don’t simply remain in the status quo, you actually go backwards and you get left behind. What I know about you is you are not a person who wants to just get by; otherwise you would not be reading Life Palette.

You Are Creative

Creativity is a part of your DNA. I wrote about this extensively in my book Life Palette. The more you recognize and develop it, the more you will live life as the masterpiece you were created to be. You will be able to make the most of change. Harnessing your God-given creativity will turn the unending stream of change into opportunities for success. Your creativity will allow you to unleash more of your potential each day.

What Does Creativity Look Like

Many people respond to the idea that creativity is a part of their DNA with a negative, “I’m not creative.” Why? Because creativity is too often narrowly defined as being artistic, or having a musical gift, singing or playing an instrument. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Artistic people are creative, but so are engineers, scientist, teachers, leaders, whatever you do – fill in the blank. Creativity is the ability to solve problems in new and innovative ways. Focus on developing this part of your life and you will continually have a positive effect on the lives of those around you. You will make a positive difference in your community, your business, your family and your neighborhood.

You Are Unique

You already have a sense that you are unique. And you are right. God designed you to be unique. There is no one else who is exactly like you with your gift set, skill set, personality, passion, and experiences. Of the 7 billion people on this earth you are unique and unique is creative.

Harness The Power Of Your Creativity:

1. See And Meeting Needs.

People’s needs and problems constantly change. What are the needs that you see and find yourself saying something like “someone needs to do something about that”? You are that someone. You have the idea, you see the problem and you have the creative genius in you to solve it.

2. Don’t Go It Alone

When you begin to creatively solve a problem or a need there will always be a piece of the puzzle that you personally don’t have the gifts or talents to do. Don’t let it discourage you. Part of harnessing your creativity is to connect with and outsource the creative genius of others. Build a team. There is nothing more powerful than a team of people working together to solve a problem or meet a need.

3. Create Needs

Think about the many things in your life that you consider a necessity that only a few years ago didn’t even exist. A great illustration is a cell phone. I have traveled to some very remote places in the world and it is amazing to see people in poverty and in the middle of nowhere who have cell phones. The reality is cell phones are a created need. The world was able to get by without them for many years. Someone saw an opportunity to create a need through an incredible use of technology.

4. Expand Your Capabilities.

Be a lifelong learner. Make growth a part of everyday. Don’t get stuck in a rut. (You do know a rut is the same thing as a grave only longer?) Determine to grow and expand your capabilities everyday that you are alive. Growth is necessary for harnessing your creativity and making the most of change. Growth is a key for unleashing your potential and living life as the masterpiece you were created to be.

5. Dedicate Yourself To Being Creative

Make an unwavering commitment to dedicate yourself to develop and release the creative genius that is within. Change is going to happen today. Discipline yourself to look at the changes you experience as opportunities. Focus on the possibilities with each change.

I recently had a staff change in the organization I lead. A key leader had a great job opportunity, it was better for him and his family. As he shared it with me, as much as I wanted to keep him, I encouraged him to take the job. It was an opportunity that would take him to a new level in every area of his life. Once I realized that truth, and encouraged him to go for it, I recognized immediately that this change could be an opportunity for our organization to be creative and go to a new level ourselves. My entire team was excited for him and we began looking at the new possibilities that lay ahead for us.

The principles in today’s blog apply not only to you personally, but to every area of your life; your faith, family and career. Harness the power of creativity in your life today. Don’t waste another change. Tap into and harness the creative genius within you and you will begin to navigate change successfully.

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