Happening This Weekend At Alive Church

Happening This Weekend At Alive Church1. I will be giving a talk this weekend at Alive Church on Marriage, Divorce and Re-marriage. I will be looking at Jesus shocking statements about this subject. The more we understand the purpose and power of God’s design for marriage, the more we can live in the blessings He has for us in marriage. I invite you to join me Saturday evening at 5 p.m. or Sunday at 9:30 or 11 a.m. If you are unable to join us on campus you can join us live online. You will get connected with an online pastor in the chat room and with others who are attending the services online if you wish.

2. Ministry Appreciation – We have all experienced the power of someone appreciating what we do. Most of us have also experienced how un-motivating it can be when others don’t appreciate us. At Alive Church we appreciate our team so very much. They make the difference in everything we do. They love people. They are committed to excellence and they see how everything we do is connected to us living out our Mission, Vision and Values.  This weekend we will be having a big celebration to show our appreciation to our team. We have secured Rod Robson, a mental illusionist, to do a private show for our team on Sunday evening at 5 pm.  If you are considering joining our team, this is for you to come and discover your place on the team and to get to meet our great team leaders and the rest of our great team – you will be glad you did and you will see how fun it is to be on a winning team that is changing lives for the sake of eternity!

3. Parents there are exciting things going on for every age group on campus during all of the talks. We are committed to partnering with you to “lead your children to follow Jesus.”

School is back in session and most people are getting back into a routine, begin this weekend to make  a weekly worship experience a part of the discipline of your routine and lead your family in their spiritual growth.  I look forward to seeing you over the weekend, I guarantee you will be challenged, encouraged and changed by the talk this weekend. Share this blog with a friend and invite them to join you, they will be glad you did!!!