It’s In The Hands Of The Printers

It's in the hands of the printerMy book Life Palette goes into the hands of our printers as this week begins. I am so excited as we get very close to the moment when you can have it in your hands. The message is one that everyone needs to read and understand. I am compelled to get it in the hearts and minds of as many people as I can, each person needs to hear and know that they are God’s Masterpiece, and how to live life as the masterpiece God created them to be!  Here are a couple of endorsements for Life Palette:


What’s they’re saying about Life Palette

Someone once said, “The best the world can get is you, being you, with God all over you.” My good friend, Dr. Jeffrey Allen Love, has taken this idea to a new level. In his new book Life Palette, he takes you on a journey of discovery of your God-created, God-designed life. God is the artist and you are the art. Life Palette helps you see yourself the way God sees you. As an artist, a musician, and a pastor, Jeff enlists his heart and art to help us rise above the human tendency of living big lives in small ways. Life Palette empowers you to open up your life and live expansively. After all, you are God’s workmanship…and God don’t make no junk!

Dr. Ed Delph

Nationstrategy, Phoenix, Arizona


I teach principles of “Intentional Living” and my wife is an accomplished artist, so my interest was piqued when I saw Dr. Love’s book Life Palette. The principles Dr. Love teaches speak to me, and I think they will speak to you as well. Our God is an intentional God, who intentionally loved us so much that He died for us. His intentionality is also proved in how he has gifted each of us to serve Him and one another as we live out our faith. Jeff is a regular contributor to my radio program, and I’m happy to recommend his book as I believe it will help you navigate your own faith journey.

Dr. Randy Carlson

President, Family Life Communications, and Host of the “Intentional Living” radio program.


As an artist, I can appreciate Jeff’s ability to take his knowledge and experience in painting and use it as an analogy with our walk with God. The choices we make as artists effect our work just as the choices we make in life effect our relationship with God. Just like an artist needs to have a good understanding of what makes a good painting and how to apply it to a canvas, we need to have a good understanding of the Gospel and how to apply it to our lives. Jeff does a great job of showing how a sovereign God can create a masterpiece with our lives, if we will humble ourselves and seek His riches instead of our own.

Phil Starke

Award-winning painter and workshop teacher, Tucson, Arizona

(See Phil’s “Between the Palette Scrapings” features throughout this book)


Watch for Life Palette to go on sale soon – we will be giving a special offer for the first few purchases.