These Gritty Behaviors Will Release Your Potential

Grit Our family recently spent some time in Ridgeway, Colorado. It’s a beautiful place, but probably unfamiliar to most people. It’s claim to fame? The John Wayne movie True Grit was filmed there. (Love the movie and we had to eat at the True Grit restaurant that is in town – good food!)  The whole True Grit atmosphere made me think about the Grit that is needed in our lives to live out our potential.

You have a sense that you are full of untapped potential and you desire to live it and be all that you were created to be – a masterpiece.  Life Palette, the book and Life Palette the blog is dedicated to helping you understand and live your potential. To truly live your potential you must have Grit – the willingness to preserver and persist in and through difficulties.

You may be thinking, “but I’m no Rooster Cogburn”  (the lead role in the movie played by John Wayne in the original and Jeff Bridges in the recent remake) You don’t have to be. You can develop grit, an important character quality for your Life Palette. Here are a few behaviors you must embrace in order to develop the Grit that is needed to live your potential and so necessary for your success:

1. You Must Believe

You must see and believe in the potential that God has place within you to live successfully as the masterpiece He created you to be. A strong belief about your potential future will help you develop the Grit necessary to keep going when times are tough.

2. Be Willing To Grow And Improve

Grit is developed as you invest in the effort to get better at something, be it developing a natural talent or learning a new skill. Once you experience growth and improvement you will begin to see your potential to grow and improve in any circumstance to meet the challenge. The willingness to grow and improve will help you develop the necessary Grit for fulfilling your potential.

3. Always Choose To Persevere

Giving up and quitting is a negative habit that will destroy potential. Make perseverance a behavior that becomes a part of your character until it becomes a positive habit. Too often people quit when success is just around the corner because they simply didn’t have the Grit to stick with it. See your God-given potential and make a conscious choice to persevere regardless of how difficult things may be.

So what is your Grit level? Do you whip out at the first sign of pain and difficulty or are you at a John Wayne/Rooster Cogburn level?  Regardless of how you rate yourself at this moment, make a commitment to raise your rating by a point or two by living out the behaviors listed in the blog. You will be glad you did because Grit will help you live life on a new level and empower you to release more of your potential.


What do you think of when you think of Grit? I would love to hear from you, leave your feedback, comments and questions below.

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