Good Times Are Happening

Hey gang, I am more excited about our future than ever. Let me start by giving you a quick update of something from the weekend: our ladies had a Girlfriends event last Saturday morning and during that session there were two ladies who committed their lives to follow Jesus. Yeah God and way to go girlfriends!!! (thus the picture – it’s kind of painful for me to put this on my blog! Next week I’m going to have to go with a Jeep pic or something to redeem my man card)

Not only are great things happening at Alive Church, but we are at the healthiest place we have ever been with our missions. The balance of having ministry in concentric circles the way Jesus told us to is more than a suggestion; it is a mandate for the church. (Acts 1:8) You can help “Get Er Done” this Saturday by participating in “Servant Saturday”.

We are doing Life Together through Life Groups. You may have heard me say before that if you only have time to do one thing in a week and you have to choose between attending Life Group or the Weekend Service – go to Life Group. Having authentic relationships with other believers where real life happens is imperative for our Spiritual health and well being. Our greatest need as we go forward is more Life Group leaders and host. If you don’t think any of our groups fit you, consider it God’s way of leading you to Lead. Our Life Groups are sermon based so your preparation time as a leader comes from attending a weekend service. As a leader, we need you to help develop the questions for the groups to go along with my messages – if you don’t like the questions – easy – become a group leader and help us develop them and let’s make a difference as we Do Life Together with Authentic Relationships in our Sermon Based Life Groups!!!